We have moved!

On November 15, 2019, it was time to say goodbye to TIG - Giessen Technology and Innovation Center. We have now moved into our new premises in Hüttenberg. For two years we enjoyed the hospitality at the TIG, we are very grateful for that!


At our new location we have more space and room for productivity and a lot of potential for growth....

On course for success with 'Made in Germany'. TIG nestling INNOWELLE convinces Chinese manufacturers.

Press release "IHK Wirtschaftsmagazin" 


Under the leadership of its CEO, Andre Kroth, INNOWELLE GmbH has been headquartered at the Technology and Innovation Center in Giessen for two years now. The start-up sees itself as a premium partner in the development and production of propulsion technologies for collaborative robotics.

Due to the good response in the previous year, we also participated in this year’s SPS IP Drives.

On 9th April 2018, the international exhibition "International Robot & Intelligent Systems Expo" held a forum of academics on the topic of 3C...

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