German engineering combined with Chinese expertise in developing and manufacturing drive system technology:



INNOWELLE is a Germany technology and product development company specialising in the development, design and construction of drive solutions for the Chinese market of collaborative robots (cobots). We build and test prototypes and produce big and small series in Germany.

Our partner for the license manufacture in China is one of the world's leading drive manufacturers Hubei Kofon Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd. With over 500 employees, it manufactures high-quality drive technology products at its modern production facilities in China under the brand name KOFON. Within the framework of our Chinese partnership, we take care of the transfer of expertise and complete quality assurance.


Fast and reliable

What motivates us in our day-to-day work is our commitment to maximising customer benefit in the deployment of state-of-the-art drive technologies. We're always one step ahead. Fast and effective, flexible and reliable, we finde the best mechanical and mechatronic drive solutions for our customers.

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Customers are our partners

We're a strong, reliable parnter for our customers. Long-term collaboration enables us to make them more succesful.

Appreciation, respect, openness, transparency, reliability, honesty and trust. These values are the foundation underlying our everyday actions.

Erfolgreiche Work Team

Motivated staff

Satisfied customers and the success of the company are only possible with highly motivated staff. As extraordinary services can only be provided in an extraordinary environment, the reconciliation of work and family/leisure time is very important to us.


Welcome to the team!

Yes, INNOWELLE is a dynamic and innovative company. However, rather than presenting a lengthy list of all that's special about INNOWELLE, let's simply allow our staff to speak for themselves.

„An expanding start-up with an international orientation“

„I'm working on some fascinating topics in the field of robotics“

„The combination of our engineering expertise with the Chinese speed of implementation is impressive“

„As a start-up, we have short descision-making paths“

„I see the tangible results of my development at work“

„Here, I'm able to participate and change things“

„I work with nice, uncomplicated people“

If you like the idea of being part of our team, just send us a short e-mail at or check to see what job vacancies we currently have.