Integration in customer systems: This is how INNOWELLE maps EtherCAT in your system world

14. November 2020

The development of INNOWELLE as an innovative drive manufacturer continues to progress. One focus of our services is the integration of our products into the overall systems of our customers. Currently, for example, we have delivered a robot arm as the first prototype to a renowned German group for opto-electronics. Their challenge was the mapping of the manufacturer-independent communication protocol EtherCAT as a special customer solution. In this project we were able to use the full strengths of INNOWELLE: From the mechatronics to the parameterization of the robot drive axes including sensors, motors and controllers to commissioning, we were able to prove ourselves as a system partner.

Our latest addition to the team, Karl Christian Mitze, describes the specialty of INNOWELLE as follows: “For me, robots and their motion sequences have always been fascinating. The change from different specialist areas and projects makes everyday work exciting and never makes it monotonous. I particularly like the connection between theory and practice in interaction with our customers. New calculations and drawings are created and the result can be "felt" directly. "

Even if we are not an integrated robot manufacturer, we are heavily involved in the construction of further robot arms (current 3rd generation in use!). In this way we understand our customers' challenges much better and can solve them proactively. The performance of the components we produce increases with excellent running and vibration properties as well as an excellent price / performance ratio. Due to the trade fair failures caused by the Corona, we were able to resell our demonstration robot arms with integrated INNOWELLE products directly in Asia. A sign that our products are highly regarded.

Last but not least, the note: Our latest company video "Create Y®-COBOT" has just been completed. Check it out here.